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The Annual Akita Winter Festival
Preparations for the annual Akita Winter Festival are steadily underway, and an exciting mood is beginning to emerge.
Akita is lively even in cold winters. They say there is a legend that only a connoisseur would know there.

This is a story that you will actually have to discover the “Mystery” which has fallen on various lands of Akita in winter, and approach the truth of the legends which have been handed down in Akita.

Akita winters are cold, but a little mysterious and somehow warm. This is a mystery-solving quest that will give you such a feeling.

Event overview

【Event schedule】

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024, to Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024,

【Open time】

10am to 5pm
*Please note that business hours and hours differ for each store.
*Participation over multiple days is also possible.

【Held area】

All over Akita prefecture (around 7 winter festival locations)


This is an experiential Mystery-solving quest where you aim for the goal while visiting several mystery-solving points in Akita Prefecture.

【Estimated time required】

Around 45 to 60 minutes per area

【Entry fee】

¥500/person (tax included)
*We ask each participant to purchase one kit

【How to purchase online】

[Locations to purchase Mystery-solving kit]

You can purchase at following 7 locations within Akita Prefecture.

Odate City


Akita Inu no Sato

1-13-1 Onaricho, Odate City
Business hours: 9am – 5pm
Regular holiday: Dec. 31st - Jan. 1st

Semboku City


Tourist Information Center “Kakunodate Ekimaegura”

394-2 Kakunodatemachi Kamisugazawa, Semboku-shi, Akita (in front of Kakunodate Station)
Business hours: 9am – 5:30pm
Regular holiday: Jan. 1st only

Daisen City


Tourist information center “Grand Paul” (2nd floor of JR Omagari Station)

6-5 Omagari-torimachi, Daisen City (2nd floor of Omagari Station)
Business hours: 9am - 18pm
Regular holiday: Jan. 1st only

Misato Town


Misato Town Tourist Information Center (C/O Misato Roadside Station)

→123 Misato-cho Kanezawa Shimodate, Semboku-gun
Business hours: 9am – 5pm
Regular holiday: Jan. 1st only

Yuzawa City


Yuzawa City Tourist Information Facility

2-2-10 Omotemachi, Yuzawa City (1st floor of Yuzawa Station)
Business hours: 8am - 7pm
No regular holiday

Yokote City


Kamakura-kan Yokote City Tourism Association

Admission fee (100 yen including tax, free for junior high school students and below) will be charged separately. For more details, please refer to the official website.

8-12 Chuouchou,Yokote City
Business hours: 9am - 5pm
No regular holiday
Regular holiday: Dec. 29th - Jan. 3rd

Oga City


Namahage Museum

Admission fee (550 yen including tax, 275 yen for elementary, middle, and high school students) will be charged separately. For more details, please refer to the official website.

Mizukuisawa Kitaurashinzan, Oga City
Business hours: 9am – 5pm
No regular holiday

How to play the Mystery-solving quest

Please confirm in advance and then participate.

① Purchase the Mystery-solving kit at one of the following spots!

Purchase the Mystery-solving kit at a sales location in each region! *Please refer to [Locations to purchase Mystery-solving kit].

② Find and solve the "Mystery" hidden in each area!

Discover and solve mysteries as you walk through the area following the instructions written on the Mystery-solving kit.

③ Once you have solved all the mysteries, enter the "password" into the site!

Read the QR code placed in each story and enter the answer (password) for the final question on the site!

④ Clear the challenge and enter the lottery for a chance to win luxurious prizes!

When you successfully solve it, you can see the ending of the story simultaneously with the clear screen. Clearing it during the event period also allows you to enter a lottery for even more luxurious prizes!!!

Clear the mystery puzzle and win a prize associated with Akita!

Misato Town

set of Niteko Soda (6bottles), Niteko Soda Gummy Candy and Niteko Soda Candy

Misato Town

Niteko Soda Gummy Candy and Niteko Soda Candy


Odate City

akita dog ‘Masaru’ stuffed doll


Odate City

Akita Edamame (soybean flavored snack)

Oga City

Namahage’ mechanical pencil and pen with 4 colors

Oga City

Japanese hand towel of ‘Namahage Museum’

Semboku City

set of cosmetics

Semboku City

magnet ‘samurai street motif’

Semboku City

pack of dried Shiitake mushrooms

Semboku City

set of noodles (spinach flavored)

Daisen City

box of fresh tomato juice

Daisen City

pre-packaged ingredients for making Ibugigakko-rice

Yokote City

pack of Yokote’s specialties

Yokote City

‘SHIBATA’ yakiniku-dipping sauce

Yuzawa City

pack of Inaniwa noodles

Yuzawa City

Iburigakko tartar sauce and Iburigakko with smoked nuts

※One winner per item.



KAGENAZO is a Mystery-solving creative team that sets quest in various areas across Japan. We are based on the concept of "mystery solving x regional activation" and contribute to creating fans of the town.
We are creating a new wave of regional activation by combining the Mystery-solving and the hidden charms of each region.


KAGENAZO Representative

Kage-taro(Taro Hikage)

Representative of FUN SPIRITS Co., Ltd. Born in Odate City, Akita Prefecture.
He travels all over Japan working on regional activation based on the concept of "mystery solving x regional activation".
He leads the Mystery-solving creative team "KAGENAZO" and has set quests for over 40,000 people in over 40 regions, creating new tourism resources and activating regions.



・Please be careful not to cause any inconvenience to the public or shops by blocking traffic, damaging or staining products, etc.
・Please refrain from solving mysteries or using your smartphone while walking as it is extremely dangerous.
・The game is expected to take 45-60 minutes to complete each story, but it may take more time. We recommend you participate with extra time to be safe.
・Please be careful not to disturb people living nearby while participating in the event.
・Please cooperate to reduce congestion by taking pictures of the clue you find during the quest.
・Facility staff, store sales staff, and other facilities related to this event do not know any hints or answers of the mystery. Please refrain from asking any questions.
・Please strictly follow traffic rules and be safe when traveling during the quest.
・Please note that accidents, injuries, theft, property damage, etc. while participating in this event will be the responsibility of the individual participants.
・You can play the game repeatedly on other days during the event period.
・Some questions may be difficult depending on the age of the participants, so we recommend parents to join along.
・This quest is spread in wide area. Please wear comfortable shoes especially if you are walking.
・Please do not enter restricted areas or dangerous places. There won’t be any answers or clues for the mystery. ・Please refrain from any nuisance behavior that may interfere with the operation of this event, such as moving, destroying, or writing anything on the equipment installed at this event.
・Please refrain from posting any questions, answers, clues, etc. on the Internet or SNS. Impressions or comments are welcome!
・The contents of this event may change without notice during the event period.


It’s designed to be beginner-friendly! We’ve also prepared hints, so feel free to use them when you’re unsure!

It is available for purchase at 7 locations within the prefecture. For details, click here [Puzzle Kit Sales Locations]

Online purchases available here.

Sponsor: Akita Tourism Federation

Management: Libel Co., Ltd.

Mystery-solving production